We at Neebe Real Estate pride ourselves in keeping are Rentals as affordable as possible. This is possible by seeking tenants that take pride in living in and caring for our Rentals. Your responsibilities will be mowing the lawn and reporting any damage or maintenance items immediately. Especially, please report any water leaks immediately! Water can cause considerable damage and we need your cooperation in this regard. We expect you to keep the property neat and dispose of trash and garbage in a timely fashion. It is important to understand that everyone on lease is responsible for the property for the term indicated on the lease. Hence if the tenants are changing you need to fill out a change of Tenant form, pay the fee and make sure the new tenants fill out a rental application and new lease, before you are released from your obligation. The Security Deposit is never to be used as last months rent. Our goal is for you to be happy, healthy safe and warm in our rentals. For efficiency we require direct deposit of your Rent into our financial institution. This can be done in person or setup electronically. We look forward to your residency and hope you will become a long-term customer.